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We at Brewerton United Methodist Church believe in helping one another. We are not a construction company, nor are we affiliated with a construction company. What we are is a group of people willing to volunteer our skills and some free time to help our friends and neighbors. We like to help people who need a little assistance to make their homes more accessible, warmer, safer, and liveable. 

Who could use our help? It may be someone who is unemployed or sick or injured. It may be someone who is older and no longer able to do the work. It may be a family with special needs, such as a wheelchair ramp, or grab handles in the bathroom. Or a single parent who needs help with painting or changing storm windows or screens.

The list of needs could be many and sometimes a little help may mean a fuller and more comfortable life for someone. If you feel you could use some of our assistance, please fill out the form (on the right of the screen) and submit it as soon as possible.

If you have questions regarding the Helping Hands/Healing Hearts Mission, please call the church at 315-668-3999.

Helping Hands/Healing Hearts Request Form

Helping Hands/Healing Hearts Mission

Brewerton  United Methodist Church