The earliest records available trace the roots of Protestant preaching in the Brewerton area to the late 1700's. Preaching was conducted by the Fort Brewerton embankment near the river.

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Brewerton  United Methodist Church

Lay Leadership/Team Leaders:

Administrative Council - Ron Lombard

Child Care Director - Beth Chiasson

Communications/Marketing - Randy Ward/Ron Lombard

Database Secretary - 

Evangelism - 

Finance - Walt Albrecht

Food Pantry Coordinator - Deb Lombard

Historian - Dot Church

Lay Leader(s) - 

Lay Member to Annual Conference - Becca Wallen

Missions & Ministries:

  Communications/Marketing - Randy Ward/Ron Lombard

  Evangelism - Claire Richardson

​  Family Ministries - Lois Groginski

  GRACES - Lorraine Ward

​  Sunday School Superintendent - Brooke Roberts

Newsletter Editor - Kathy Peckham

SPRC - Rachel Windover

Treasurer - Tammy Allen

Trustees - Craig Allen

     Memorial Sub-Committee - Ann Woods

UMW President - Beth Magill

Web Administrator - Malissa Woodard & Reverend Hood

Connecting people with Jesus and walking the path of real life faith

Our Staff:

Reverend Justin Hood 

Malissa Woodard - Accompanist and Choir Director

​Beth Chiasson - Child Care Director